McLennan Housing

Our Story

DDL Homes moved into affordable residential development in South Auckland in 2012 and are now developing all types of affordable housing which include terraced and stand alone homes ranging from 2 - 4 bedrooms. DDL Homes have made a conscious effort to deliver affordable well designed houses and work exclusively with highly regarded studio architects.

With our existing developments we are implementing an Incorporated Society to manage the development in the long term best interest of all the residents. DDL Homes has a particular emphasis on developing low maintenance houses with designs that provide for visitor parking, cleverly screened rubbish areas and private outdoor spaces. Our belief is that if a community is supported by appropriately constructed rules and regulations the long term ultimate outcome is always more successful

The DDL Homes Group had a significant involvement with the rebuild of Christchurch and as such has worked in communities that have suffered significant effects from the devastating earthquakes. We have experience working with local communities and stakeholders.